LiftPlus Energy Solutions Ltd. was founded on the tenet of contributing to the sustainability of the oil and gas industry. We do this by developing technologies and products that will:

  • Reduce capital and operational costs
  • Improve oil and gas well productivity.
  • Favorably impact the environment by:
    • reducing greenhouse gas
    • using less power to do the same or more work than existing systems
  • Prove to be much more robust, reliable, and simple, which will:
    • Enhance production, reduce intervention costs, and significantly improve downtime

LiftPlus Energy Solutions Ltd. has developed and is providing a proven artificial lift system that speaks to each and every feature just mentioned. We have successfully installed LiftPlus Systems in one of the most challenging applications in the world. One that is in an operating area that is besieged with subsurface operating challenges; that has very thin netbacks; and is absolutely focused and committed to comprehensively reducing costs while beholding to its global leading environmental stewardship. The Thermal In Situ sector of the Canadian Oilsands.

Given our success in the Canadian Oilsand applications we have now commenced the development of the tight shale oil markets in North America with a focus on West Texas. We are also moving forward with our plan to pursue dewatering gas well opportunities in North America and Australia with our new low cost system that can be specifically tailored for a given application.

We Are Dedicated To The Sustainability Of The Oil And Gas Industry.


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