We started as an asset management and disposition company, offering our customers global solutions for buying and selling used Oil and gas equipment.

With record growth, FlowLift was recognized as the go-to resource for all things oil and gas.

Building on that reputation, in 2018, FlowLift became the umbrella for a group of independent but interrelated companies that service the oil and gas industry through various channels.

Canada Oilfield Equipment has facilitated the purchase and sale of hundreds of new and used oilfield units over the past decade. We specialize in identifying the right equipment, at the right price, for the right individual by actively seeking buyers and sellers. This allows for quick turn over and a large inventory of quality products.

To complement our vast years of experience in the oil and gas industry, our process guarantees that each unit is well maintained and fully operational. Moreover, we are experts in shipping internationally; you can feel at ease in leaving the shipping in our experienced hands.

ENG+R&D started with a group of specialized field engineers that moved onto research and development, appreciating the lack of private R&D labs around the world. With our head office in Houston, TX, we are well positioned to provide comprehensive research, development and design services for the Oil & Gas sector.

No project is too big or complex for us. You will have access to a robust team consisting of Engineers, Developers, Designers and Project Managers.

Since it’s inception, GFlow has continued to service customers from all over the world. We supply many repeat customers, as our product range is diverse and our prices incredibly competitive.

We also boast over 20 years of experience in Latin America, making us well positioned to assist any customer, in any locale.

LiftPlus Energy Solutions Ltd. has developed and is providing a proven artificial lift system that speaks to each and every feature just mentioned. We have successfully installed LiftPlus Systems in one of the most challenging applications in the world. One that is in an operating area that is besieged with subsurface operating challenges; that has very thin netbacks; and is absolutely focused and committed to comprehensively reducing costs while beholding to its global leading environmental stewardship. The Thermal In Situ sector of the Canadian Oilsands.

In 2018, FlowLift added to it’s comprehensive product line by partnering with Biotek Petrol, as its exclusive North American distributor. Biotek Petrol manufactures leading edge technology that promotes bioremediation products, maintenance, restoration, cleaning and biotreatment of oils and hydrocarbons across a multitude of industries.

This unique partnership will allow FlowLift to offer its clients products tailored to keep up with the global demand for environmentally sustainable solutions.

"The FlowLift group of companies are your eyes and ears for all things Oil and Gas locally and internationally!"



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