PF 773®

PF 773 is a fluidifier, which means that when added to crude oil, it is able to modify the fluidization characteristics of the mass by improving viscosity and increasing drag speed.

It also modifies the API grades of crude oil, increasing the saturated and aromatic components, while decreasing the amount of asphaltenes. This means that the S.A.R.A fraction improves.

In turn, it acts as an enhancer in the transport of crude oil in pipelines and maintains the fluidification even when the temperature in the mass of crude oil decreases.

In pipelines and operations in general, it significantly reduces the pressure generated by the transportation of the crude product and the adhesion to the contact surfaces, in turn reducing maintenance work.


  • Acts as a fluidifier, reducing crude oil viscosity
  • Can increase the drag in the extraction and transportation of crude oil, reducing maintance work while improving overall quality
  • Significantly reduces pressure in operating pipes
  • Fluidification increases immediately reducing asphaltenes while improving the S.A.R.A fraction overall
  • Modifies raw crude oil API degrees, improving it by increasing the saturated aromatic and decreasing the amount of asphalting
  • Produces low adhesion to surfaces on contact
  • Once mixed with crude oil, provides a rate of constant production without interruption
  • Keeps the fluidification process stable, even after the temperature of the crude oil cools down


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